Editorials of Nancy Roof

Oneness Is

The editorial policy of Kosmos is somewhat different
from those of other journals. We invite our contributors because of the
quality of their being and their authentic passion for a relevant topic.
I am so excited when the articles arrive. I feel life in them and they
compel me to expand my circle of concern and to search more deeply. As I
read the articles the theme of the Issue emerges on its own. Soon I
can’t let it go. I am searching even more deeply and keep circling back
to Oneness — Kosmos — Alignment. What is this theme as a philosophical
principle, a law of the universe, an organizing principle? How does it
function at different levels and in different worldviews, in my daily
life, in groups I belong to, in the global context, as everything and
nothing? I can reflect on this at various stages of development and see
it played out within different worldviews.

On a kosmic scale there is only unchanging Oneness within which
the universe evolves. Oneness Is. Kosmos is an inadequate name for this
ineffable Mystery.

On a global scale nations struggle between sovereignty and the
common good, just as individuals struggle between individual autonomy
and embracing the whole. Everyone is challenged now, preparing for the
birth of a new humanity and a new global civilization based on inner
oneness and outer diversity. Latent skills and unrealized capacities
awaken when we are challenged simultaneously by new life conditions and
expanded consciousness. Now there are enough of us who have aligned with
the call of the times to expand our minds and hearts to co-create a new
planetary order that will embrace and enhance all Life. Are we being
carried on a trajectory towards wholeness? How close are we to critical
mass, to the tipping point?

Our institutions and organizations must, like individuals,
become autonomous before they can engage with the next organizing
principle. Sometimes, like nations or individuals, they stay in the
egoic stage too long or over-reach and become a danger to the rest of
us. Kosmic alignment involves the radical move of placing intention at
the center, rather than individuals or groups. For some it is mastering
autonomy that invites, for others it is oneness.

I keep learning more about how to live in alignment with Kosmos
– how to say “yes”. When beauty or truth or goodness is present, I can
easily go “with” rather than “against”. But still, I am often

I did a little experiment not too long ago.  I like to read my
morning paper in front of a glowing fire in my favorite rocking chair at
a local inn – where the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the warmth
of the fire – do I need to say more?  I had just settled in. I was
carefully placing my unread newspaper and coffee (decaf of course) on a
small table within easy reach when I became aware of an obviously
stressed woman walking towards me, heels pounding on the floor. I
watched out of the corner of my eye as she triumphantly tossed her
pocketbook, teapot and keys squarely on top of my unread newspaper,
taking up the entire table except for a small spot where my coffee cup
sat. My inner eye simultaneously witnessed anger rising within. Pause.
What to do?

Once upon a time I might have met the challenge with an equally
aggressive one. More recently, I might have politely asked the stranger
to move her things, seething inside with an anger that would have
continued to intrude upon my serenity off and on for the entire day.
Today, however, I decided not to follow one of those familiar paths.
Instead, I chose to draw a wider circle and to offer a gift of love. I
quietly removed my newspaper and cup to give ample room for all her
possessions. The hard edges of her face softened and she eased into a
tentative smile – my face smiled back and we shared a brief moment of
oneness. Joy filled my being — an affirmation that I had gotten it
right at last.

Is this what alignment with Kosmos means?  Do the seemingly inconsequential things really matter far more than we realize?