Change the Worldview, Change the World

Gender, like race, is a social construction, which is to say, a story. And the stories of sexism and racism that have cast such a pall over our history and our present illustrate the power of worldview and narrative in generating and maintaining systemic oppression.

Our intuitive capacity for deep collaboration has the power to change the world.

The Intuitive Power of Human Collaboration There are twenty-four of us, crammed into the kitchen, trying not to tread on each others’ toes. We have a box of vegetables dug fresh from the allotments at Cloughjordan eco-village, County Tipperary, Ireland. Our task, should we choose to accept it, is to feed ourselves using only these veg and the utensils in our host Stephen’s kitchen. Stephen…

How to Bring More Permanent Good into Our Lives and the World

How to Bring More Permanent Good into Our Lives and the World Eric Hutchins In their efforts to create ideal communities, the ancient Greeks asked three basic questions: What is real; of the real, what is good; and how do we make more of the good? Generally unknown to them at the time, the ancient peoples of Southern Asia had long before offered answers to the same questions; answers that may now…

David Berkeley | Oh Quiet World

Oh Quiet World is a prayer for the world written during the time when everything stood still a while. The whole album plays like a prayer, beginning with the call to “wake up in the early light,” and ending with the word, “amen.”