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Thomas Berry and the Rights of Nature


One of Thomas Berry’s major contributions to what he called the Great Work was his articulation of the principles and philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence.

Including the Earth in Our Prayers


We need to reclaim the simple truth that spiritual life is not solely about ourselves, and open to a larger, all-embracing vision. If spiritual life is not about the whole, it has lost its true nature.

Every Act a Ceremony


The ceremony, which only makes sense if holy beings are watching, draws us into an experiential reality in which holy beings are indeed present.

Kathy Thaden | An Inner Fire


“How do I discuss the impact of environmental issues – on both our natural surroundings and the rest of humanity? What can I contribute to the narrative of healing and restoration?"

A Song of Pause


Arbor Day of this year, April 26th, a 40-foot Black Cherry tree fell on top of our brand-new electric vehicle while we were driving along a city street. The car was wrecked, totaled. My friend and I survived —alive and unscratched.

Freeing the Dragon


A world without fossil fuels is only possible if we change the system completely. That means building an alternative which works at least as well in all these diverse fields, but which is regenerative instead of destructive. We need to completely change the system if we want to liberate the dragon.

Reforestation in Portugal


Although the physical reforestation we undertake is, of course, important, it is secondary to healing the sacred relationship between people and Mother Earth. The loss of the sacred stems from the mistaken belief that we are separate—from Nature, from each other, from anything.

Cooperation with Wild Boars in Palestine


The systems which keep all other organisms in check don’t work with us. Why? Why are we overpowering the systems of checks and balances which keep everyone else in check, in harmony with the biosphere. We will eventually be kept in check, of course, but why at such a cost to the entire Earth community?

Bringing Reefs Back to Life


Two years ago, an “obituary” for the Great Barrier Reef flew across the Internet like grapeshot fired from a cannon. But the pronouncement was premature. Coral reefs are indeed dying, but they are not yet dead.

Dancing with Animals


The ceremonial dances at Ringbalin were about the river ecosystem and how the people would have found sustenance from it. Ngarrindjeri elder Uncle Moogy spoke about how the creatures are seen in their culture as Naatchi, meaning their friends...