Living Earth

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Our Collective Journey


Our quest to find purpose requires conscious alignment with our evolving, living Earth. When we allow Earth’s purpose to guide us, we know how to act in harmony with Life, and hope can blossom anew.

Oppression, Interconnection, and Healing


Charles Eisenstein: The Amazon is where Gaia's memory of health still exists. And if that can be preserved, there will always be hope. If there is one healthy region that still has integrity, then it can teach the rest of the world to be healthy again.

Salmon Migration as Earth Expression


The only way contemporary science seems able to fathom some species' uncanny navigational powers is by likening the abilities of these animals to technologies of our own, human invention.

Indigenous Languages As Cures of the Earth


"The Amazon is a sacred place. Human Beings do not make sacred places, they acknowledge them, recognize them, and sustain them without developing them. We honor them with languages taught to us by the Earth herself. ...They are part of the Cura Da Terra, "Cure of the Earth”, to borrow a phrase from the First Peoples of the Amazon."

Rebuilding Earth’s Forest Corridors


Nature tends to live in ribbons—the forest corridor, the mountain range, the coastline, and the winding river. Any ecosystem that is disconnected from similar (or different) ecosystems will eventually die.

The Labyrinth and the Black Madonna


We cannot return to the innocence of an earlier time, but this bond between humanity and creation remains, hidden beneath all the debris of our culture.

The Treasure of Our Living, Relational Commons


As I have learned about the social life of trees and the intimate bonds that indigenous peoples have with various lifeforms and rivers – and as I pore through recent ecophilosophy that explains aliveness to the western mind -- I’ve concluded: We really ought to be talking more about animism and commoning.

The Power of Allurement


In the face of this devastation, is there space for contemplating beauty? The power of allurement says yes, we must. This power draws us out of ourselves, brings us to life, again and again.

Fragile Gold

Mixed Media

All wealth is derivative of Earth—most of all, values and wisdom. They are among the most recent emergent properties of our Universe's 13.8 billion years of inexpressibly glorious creativity, complexification of matter and energy, and deepening of consciousness.