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Fragile Gold

Mixed Media

All wealth is derivative of Earth—most of all, values and wisdom. They are among the most recent emergent properties of our Universe's 13.8 billion years of inexpressibly glorious creativity, complexification of matter and energy, and deepening of consciousness.

Love Letters from Seaweed


"The next high tide would erase these remarkable assemblages in 12 hours and others would take their place—always a reminder that time and action are evolutionary agents moving everything toward something else."

Holding a Seed for the Future


The future will not be as we have planned—our world is already too far out of balance. But this may be our most important gift to future generations—a belief in living Oneness.

Kito Mbiango | The Power of Art to Drive Action


Kito Mbiango’s work speaks nostalgically to our primal intelligence, engaging us in a conscious reflection about our collective evolution. His “Climate Change Collection” is a response to the accelerating environmental degradation we are facing and have imposed upon nature and all wildlife.

Active Hope | Time with Joanna Macy


She is close to ninety, and I wanted to be able to work with her before she completely passes the baton to others.

Thomas Berry and the Rights of Nature


One of Thomas Berry’s major contributions to what he called the Great Work was his articulation of the principles and philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence.

Including the Earth in Our Prayers


We need to reclaim the simple truth that spiritual life is not solely about ourselves, and open to a larger, all-embracing vision. If spiritual life is not about the whole, it has lost its true nature.

Every Act a Ceremony


The ceremony, which only makes sense if holy beings are watching, draws us into an experiential reality in which holy beings are indeed present.

Kathy Thaden | An Inner Fire


“How do I discuss the impact of environmental issues – on both our natural surroundings and the rest of humanity? What can I contribute to the narrative of healing and restoration?"