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How to Be a Soil Keeper


The practice of soil keeping provides individuals committed to realizing a just society with a compelling basis for imagining their work and recognizing the interdependencies between people, place, and planet.

The Wonder of It All


Let us consider Earth and the community of planets as seeds broadcast into a field – in this case, a solar field. Just as plant seeds can find themselves in locations that are too dry or too hot or too cold for sprouting, so most of the planets in the solar field landed in conditions unfavorable for growth. Only Earth was in a promising situation for germination.

How Not to Lose the Elephant for All its Parts


Recognizing how every part of an animal manifests an underlying unity is an exhilarating experience. What seemed separate comes together, and we sense that we are seeing the elephant truly for the first time.

Indigenous to Life


The central lesson of many Earth wisdom traditions is about alignment with life as a process, living in right relationship and letting life’s regenerative patterns flow through us. In this way of being we understand ourselves not as owners but rather as expressions of place.

Realigning with Earth Wisdom


In this edition of Kosmos, you will find the wisdom of the elephant and the hummingbird, indigenous wisdom, the knowledge of the farmer, the mystic, the scientist. Tree wisdom. Ocean wisdom. Glacier wisdom.

Remembering Nature

Mixed Media

It Couldn’t Be Clearer


It’s through this imagining that we open to the power of interrelatedness and allow it to operate ever more fully through us. Our imagination expands the concept of care. It redefines priorities and values.



It seems to whisper, Allegheny, Allegheny – an Algonquian expression, I remember. It translates into something akin to Eternity or Beginning of Many Waters.

Choosing Earth | with Duane and Coleen Elgin


'Choosing Earth' offers a whole-systems view of the converging adversity trends facing humanity and three major scenarios for the future that are most likely to emerge from these powerful trends.

New Visions Give Hope in Dire Times


All our creativity and imagination must come together to create something new that lasts.