Cameron Davis

Cameron Davis’ paintings, installations, and community art projects explore issues of the environment and living consciously at this Earth-time. Davis’ work seeks to understand and reflect the role consciousness and the new sciences play in forming cultural frameworks that reweave relational and participatory ecological perspectives. Her work uses imagery taken from var- ious sources: Hindu/yogic practices, Buddhism, Earth-based traditions and the new sciences, paired with abstraction that corresponds to the felt and sensed. Memory, desires, beliefs and intuition flirt or refer, but never fully touch down for long into references of the material (macro-invertebrate, bone, root system, flower, blackbird, honeybee), in an effort to address the interpenetration and permeable nature of the inner and outer. In this way Davis attempts to reveal our embedded existence within a whole living system, our ecological identity. Davis’ community art projects for the last ten years have sought to engage public awareness of climate change. Davis teaches painting and environmental art at the University of Vermont. She lives at Ten Stones Community in Charlotte, Vermont.

Cameron’s work can be found in the Fall | Winter 2011 issue of Kosmos Journal.

A Soft Gaze into the Natural World


The waxwing veil drawings were inspired by an encounter with a flock of cedar waxwings one late February. It was one of those despairing mornings. My mind was deep in thoughts of global climate change and watching the vitality drain out of the woods. Suddenly, I was surrounded by what seemed like a thousand cedar waxwings.