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Transforming Institutions


We understand that recognition of the inadequacy of our traditional institutions is the first step toward taking that great leap into a new era where a higher-level consciousness will be reflected in our transformed institutions.

Role of the Commons


With the foresight of a true visionary, Elinor Ostrom, the co-recipient of the economic sciences 2009 award, has spent decades researching the commons.

Global Synergy


It was so fulfilling to spend several days with a dedicated and skilled group at the first Global Synergizer gathering. Our collective work continues as we strive to articulate the shared vision that has brought us together as world changers.

Oneness Is


On a global scale nations struggle between sovereignty and the common good, just as individuals struggle between individual autonomy and embracing the whole. Everyone is challenged now, preparing for the birth of a new humanity and a new global civilization based on inner oneness and outer diversity.

A Movement of Momentous Proportions


A movement of momentous proportions is emerging at the margins of societies all over the world. There is a new story about our natural place within the vast intelligence of nature and the Kosmos.