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The New Global Era


The new global era that is emerging offers exciting promise that some of the regrettable legacies of the dying Industrial Age will be overcome by the powers and possibilities of the vibrant new Information Age, the Age of Networking. Already the effects of worldwide networks are radically changing our personal and collective lives in every dimension: political, economic, cultural, and social.

The Resonance We Share


I have just returned from a remarkable weekend. Were people of wisdom there? Oh yes, many. Was the program filled with leading edge insights on the latest value-driven, integral evolutionary wisdom? Yes. That too. Amazing as this is, imagine that there was something more, something new, something so life enhancing that it expanded your soul into our soul.

Transforming Institutions


We understand that recognition of the inadequacy of our traditional institutions is the first step toward taking that great leap into a new era where a higher-level consciousness will be reflected in our transformed institutions.

Role of the Commons


With the foresight of a true visionary, Elinor Ostrom, the co-recipient of the economic sciences 2009 award, has spent decades researching the commons.

Global Synergy


It was so fulfilling to spend several days with a dedicated and skilled group at the first Global Synergizer gathering. Our collective work continues as we strive to articulate the shared vision that has brought us together as world changers.