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Journey to Wholeness


We are discovering that in our deepest essence we are travelers on a journey to wholeness (holiness). Each step along the way is a new revelation and a co-creation that involves changes in all dimensions of our lives and in all fields of endeavor.

Birthing Planetary Civilization


These critical times offer unprecedented opportunities to make the aspirations of billions a reality—where the quality of life matters, where there is human solidarity, reverence for nature and moral leadership—and a world of hope for each and every living being.

Spiritual Discovery


There is something paradoxical about crisis. Why is it that at our most dark and despairing moments, some mysterious force enters our psyche to pull us forward, to elevate our consciousness and invite a brand new perspective?

The Great Transition


It seems that ordinary people must now do extraordinary things—simply because the time has come. The conscience of the world is awakening as a deeper meaning of existence and wider purpose is revealed.

The New Global Era


The new global era that is emerging offers exciting promise that some of the regrettable legacies of the dying Industrial Age will be overcome by the powers and possibilities of the vibrant new Information Age, the Age of Networking. Already the effects of worldwide networks are radically changing our personal and collective lives in every dimension: political, economic, cultural, and social.