Editorials of Nancy Roof

The Great Transition

It seems that ordinary people must now do extraordinary things—simply because the time has
come. The conscience of the world is awakening as a deeper meaning of
existence and wider purpose is revealed. It is not by accident that we
are born on the cusp of a new era. There is a planetary job to fulfill
as we experience the turbulence and change of what some are calling the
Great Transition.

This issue of Kosmos is inspired by the thousands of citizens of the
world prepared to offer their gifts for the realization of a new
culture, a new worldview and an emerging planetary civilization. Science
declared our interdependence as television brought us visual images of
two billion people on our planet living lives of desperation and extreme
poverty. It became increasingly difficult to dance the night away. The
situation became even more horrifying when we realized that there was no
one in charge of this vast planet and all its diverse peoples and life
forms. That is right. There is no one in charge. We realize we can no
longer wait for someone else to begin to change the course of history.
It is up to us. This is an amazing discovery for so many of us that feel
like very ordinary people, simply trying to live a responsible life of
truth, beauty and goodness.

Who are the movers and shakers of the world today? The notable worldwide
advancements in human rights, democracy, environment, rights of women,
humanitarian aid and the right to information were initiated by groups
of ordinary citizens like you and me. Nobel Peace Prize winners such as
Wangari Maathai and Jody Williams are well known for their extraordinary
contributions. What is less known are the increasing numbers of global
citizens who are offering their lives and resources to create inspired
projects that can change the course of history. Jeremy Gilley convinced
the General Assembly of the UN to name September 21st as the
International Day of Peace; a day now celebrated worldwide by millions.
There are thousands of Jeremy Gilley’s in the world. We offer this issue
of Kosmos in honor of the many effective and dedicated pioneers of the
new planetary civilization.

Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker set the context as they lead us on
an exciting evolutionary journey from our origins to the present; one
humanity beginning to take responsibility for its own future. Gillian
Sorensen engages us in her remarkable story and in the many dimensions
of global citizenship. Evocative visuals illustrate the potentially
conflicting scales of loyalty from family, nation, global and kosmic
affiliations. Others explore innovative forms of governance, civil
society and corporations in a global society. Efforts to unite humanity
as one family and the need for participatory democracy provide more
insights. We expose the illusions of idealistic dreams without action
and the ineffectiveness of the present world order, while the importance
of inner global citizenship balances the active approach. Our readers
offer a kaleidoscope of approaches from diverse cultures, while youth
add their passionate plea for a new worldview. Finally, Kosmos honors
with deep love and respect our own Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, an outstanding
global citizen.

Beauty is a key value of the harmonious and ordered Kosmos. Its power to
transform fills the pages of Kosmos with the exquisite art of Ulrich
Soeder, Harold Feinstein and Bert Shankman’s pages on Seeing Through the
Eyes of Love.

The great task of our times and the mission of Kosmos is to build a
compassionate and sustainable planetary civilization. As engaged global
citizens we can make a difference—the kind of difference that counts for
so much in the lives of so many.