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From Expansion to Harmonisation | a new economic trajectory

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"If we do not stop degrading the natural environment, it will collapse, so we must harmonise our global society with the natural world. If we allow global inequalities to remain embedded, we will perpetuate hardship on a vast scale, so we must harmonise our human cultures with one another. And if we continue to desire ever-increasing consumption without regard to its negative effects, we will suffer terrible consequences, so we must harmonise our aspirations with our opportunities."

Are Transition Towns Our Key to a More Beautiful Future?

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The Transition Town movement has given me hope where I could not find any before. I’m referring to a network of grassroots community groups that aim to increase self-sufficiency, resilience and localization to reduce the effects of climate/environment destruction and economic instability.

The Value-Renewed Society

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Instead of going to bed at night dreaming of mining the minerals on Mars or finding some new pool of water on an asteroid, we need to ask ourselves some burning questions about our vision of life on Earth.

Birdsong as a Compass

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The connection – between local economic revitalisation and cultural and biological diversification – was like the missing piece of the puzzle for me.

What Indigenous Wisdom Can Teach Us About Economics

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Now is the time to offer new political narratives—inspired by Indigenous ways of knowing, living, and being—that speak to a flourishing of ecologically-rooted communities and genuine prosperity. Now is the time for economic localisation. It is the way human beings can become part of the Cure of the Earth, the Cura da Terra, as Indigenous peoples have been since time immemorial.

John Fullerton on the Qualities of a Regenerative Economy

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If we’re going to transition the global economy and survive as a species, we need to find ourselves a new source of prosperity for not just humanity, but all living beings.

Ten Economic Insights of Rudolf Steiner

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Here is a short ten-point guide that outlines some key ideas Steiner developed. All ten ideas seem to me to be more pertinent and necessary today than they already were ninety years ago.

Seeing Wetiko: On Capitalism, Mind Viruses, and Antidotes for a World in Transition


By Alnoor Ladha What if we told you that humanity is being driven to the brink of extinction by an illness? That all the poverty, the climate devastation, the perpetual war, and consumption fetishism we see all around us have roots in a mass psychological infection?