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Inhale Exhale

Mixed Media

Music activates certain parts of your brain which are also related to your decision-making. Music helps to be more creative, especially when you improvise.


Mixed Media

Come... The storm is always with us now And visibility is poor

Realigning with Earth Wisdom


In this edition of Kosmos, you will find the wisdom of the elephant and the hummingbird, indigenous wisdom, the knowledge of the farmer, the mystic, the scientist. Tree wisdom. Ocean wisdom. Glacier wisdom.

Can We Measure Culture and Consciousness?


The Barrett model allows you to measure the culture and consciousness of any human entity from a single person an organization, and even a whole nation.

Cinderella Story


This tale belongs firmly in the feminine domain. It has not been censored or interfered with by men, and always has been and remains an instruction manual for girls..

Decolonization Matters


Black Lives Matter protests in the United States and around the world are illuminating systemic racism and inequality precisely because they are so much more than symbolic.

Hitching for Hope, with Ruairí McKiernan


I think there’s a great moment upon us now, whereby all the rules are being disrupted. I was about to say a rewritten, but they’re not rewritten yet.

Shelterless in the Time of COVID-19


I have a deep concern for what is happening with the homeless in Los Angeles, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. I wondered if any programs were offering assistance, and so decided to head downtown with my camera to document what was happening on the street.