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Decolonization Matters


Black Lives Matter protests in the United States and around the world are illuminating systemic racism and inequality precisely because they are so much more than symbolic.

Hitching for Hope, with Ruairí McKiernan


I think there’s a great moment upon us now, whereby all the rules are being disrupted. I was about to say a rewritten, but they’re not rewritten yet.

Shelterless in the Time of COVID-19


I have a deep concern for what is happening with the homeless in Los Angeles, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. I wondered if any programs were offering assistance assistance, and so decided to head downtown with my camera to document what was happening on the street.

Walking the Labyrinth


"This is a time of sorrow and wonder. Many hard and painful truths are there for us to see, as well as stories of great human courage and healing..." Learn more about the Summer Edition of Kosmos, 'In the Labyrinth | Healing Pathways'.

Searching for the Anti-Virus | Covid-19 as Quantum Phenomenon


Coming from a spiritually-informed holistic worldview, I entertain the possibility that we as humanity – or some deeper part of ourselves, whether conscious or not – have dreamed this moment into existence as a catalyst for our collective evolution.

Mystical Anarchism, a Spiritual Biography


Alnoor | When people ask me, "what’s the most important thing I can do," I often say to people, especially in the spiritual community: to understand how neoliberalism works. We must understand how capitalism works because it is the very oxygen in which we are breathing. It has intermediated every aspect of our lives.

Fragile Gold

Mixed Media

All wealth is derivative of Earth—most of all, values and wisdom. They are among the most recent emergent properties of our Universe's 13.8 billion years of inexpressibly glorious creativity, complexification of matter and energy, and deepening of consciousness.

greenplanet-blueplanet | Sacred Economy and Caring

Mixed Media

Julian Guderley is on a quest to identify and interview the top 500 key players in the Regenerative Movement.

Freedom to Make Music


The Pros and Cons Program in Canada mentors inmates in a music program that focuses on rehabilitation and restorative justice. The program was founded by Hugh Christopher Brown. He and the inmates write, arrange and record songs entirely within the confines of the prison walls.

Burning Man | What We’ve Learned


"We don’t need a blueprint, we don’t want a master plan, we just need to practice the skills and create the kind of spaces we want to live in, and share them."