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The Prophecy


Through his stunning work, Belgian-Beninese photographer Fabrice Monteiro challenges us to examine issues of fashion, race, consumerism and exploitation.

Tending the Wild


What looked to European settlers like untamed wilderness was actually the product of millennia of intentional human influence. Calling it wilderness, or “virgin territory,” gave them license to occupy it, cultivate it, “develop” it, and “improve” it.

The Migrant Quilt


Each quilt represents countless lives lost on border ground, a hundred-mile strip of geography spanning two countries. The interstitial border region has morphed into a distinct culture of its own and the quilts, with their binational contributors, fly its flag.

Indigenous Worldview Is a Source We Now Urgently Need


The Mamos want the world to hear their warning and their deep concerns about the precarious state of all life on Mother Earth: “Our ancestors left us in this space, caring for and harmonizing the Earth and Humanity. We live in harmony with all nature's beings: water, earth, fire, wind, the sun, humans, and also animals and plants, which are essence of the divine.”





"We all have our own subjective beliefs in the band, but the music unifies us regardless. There are certainly moments when we are playing together when I feel genuine elevation, a sense of ecstasy, and a deep feeling of connectivity. That’s magical and it’s a joy to experience. That’s the edge, not found in practice, but always sought in performance. Sometimes it happens, but you can’t force it. You just have to stay open to the possibility."

The Predicament of Knowledge: A Challenge for Culture Design


Imagine if we collectively knew all that is needed to solve the hardest social problems in the world. Whether it’s […]

The Power of Wetiko: Looking in the Mirror to Solve the Global Crisis


In the last edition of Kosmos Journal, my brother-in-arms and I wrote about the Algonquin concept of wetiko.1 It was […]

Book Review | Designing Regenerative Cultures


Designing Regenerative Cultures by Daniel Christian Wahl Triarchy Press, 2016 Foreword by Graham Leicester This is a book about life […]

Transformative Technology: A New Pulse


Winslow Strong couldn’t resist the pull. He felt driven to use his knowledge of technology to help people improve their […]