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Why Beauty Matters


Beauty is not simply a neutral alteration of waking consciousness; it is a rendezvous with our deepest nature. This is why we long for it, precisely because it is mostly veiled by the assumptions of the society we live within.

The Four Freedoms and Artificial Intelligence


The Four Freedoms and Artificial Intelligence may seem disconnected, yet each is a litmus test for our era.  How we develop and implement each of them is a measure of our commitment to ethical and responsible decision-making. Both the Four Freedoms and AI can also be seen as sources of tension and debate, as they raise complex and often competing values and interests that must be balanced. Each reflect our collective will and priorities and the capacity for enormous impact on lives.

A Participant Critique of the French Mutual Aid Network, Solaris


"I have stopped attending the occasional gatherings within my local Solaris group, which seem to have become sporadic anyway. How could I ever want to maintain relationships with others in a network whose very philosophical foundations are a reflection of the rise of fascism in France, and elsewhere?"

Desert Blues | The Music Moves in Circles

Mixed Media

There is no doubt that the “desert blues” musicians of West Africa connect so easily with international audiences because of the similarity of their music with blues and blues-rock. It seems that the music has emanated from the Sahel and the Sahara to America then Europe and back to Africa.

Trauma and Healing for Boys and Men of Color


Activists and leaders explore the deep traumas they and their communities suffer from, and how to develop strategies of responsibility and accountability that face the truth, but also create conditions for deep healing and prevent these wounds from undermining families, communities and selves.

Erasure of Indigenous Identity


"Toxic masculinity paints us as skilled warriors who hunted Buffalo with our bare hands, gnashing meat off the bone, and made ridiculous powerful love every night. There’s no time for Gardening when you’re doing all those manly things, now is there?"

Masculine/Feminine | A Non-Binary View


How can men and women connect to the vibrant, life-affirming, problem-solving, creative energy of the Sacred Masculine? That is what we set out to learn in this edition.

Lessons from the Ancient Samurai


Translated literally as “the warrior’s way,” Bushido describes the code of Samurai attitudes, behavior, and lifestyle.

Composer, David Crowe

Mixed Media

When I think about the relationship of art to truth, the first word that comes to mind is authenticity. Any expression of words, sounds, gestures, rhythms, images, etc. that comes from one’s authentic self is both truth and art.

Joanna Macy | Climate Crisis as Spiritual Path

Mixed Media

This 20-minute (fully transcribed) video of Joanna Macy is derived from previously unused outtakes for a film released in 2014, titled: 'The Wisdom to Survive'. Upon review of the original interview, we found certain statements even more relevant now.