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Freeing the Dragon


A world without fossil fuels is only possible if we change the system completely. That means building an alternative which works at least as well in all these diverse fields, but which is regenerative instead of destructive. We need to completely change the system if we want to liberate the dragon.

Physics and Spirituality


...this apparently material world is only the phenomenal representation of a much deeper universal reality. Such an assertion is not easily understood, but it does suggest that, if we accept the notion of a cosmic ecosystem, stewardship is not merely related to the material world of people and planet, but indeed is spiritual stewardship.

Evolving Toward Cooperation


Of course, the question was—after a century and a half of “Social Darwinism” claiming that it was all about competition, from the lowest to the highest—could our world now dominated by the shark-tank rubrics of business, economics, and politics adjust to this astounding news? Could it realize that because of this basic blunder about Darwin’s message, we had, in fact, ended up with dystopia instead of utopia?

Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter


If trapping out beavers ranked among humanity’s earliest crimes against nature, bringing them back is a way to pay reparations.

Books in Brief

In Brief

Reviews of books spanning topics within science, culture, economics, spirituality, and more.

The Galileo Project


The world today is dominated by science and by its underlying assumptions, which are seldom articulated even though they generate not only a methodology but also a worldview or philosophy.

Climate Reports

In Brief

The power and abundance of our Earth can never be overstated; what is commonly overlooked is humanity's exploitation and neglect of its own life source.

Science and Religion: Toward a Universal Path of Divine Love


How did you move from mathematical physics and environmental science to gender equity and reconciliation, and then to the universal […]

Who Do We Choose To Be?


Opening Chapter – Who Do We Choose to Be? Let your wisdom as a human being connect with the power […]

The Enlivenment Manifesto: Politics and Poetics in the Anthropocene


Key Concepts The current ideology of dead matter, mechanical causality, and the exclusion of experience from descriptions of reality in […]