Steve Brett

Steve Brett

Steve is the co-founder of 3rd Space and Executive Director of Emergence Foundation, a London-based charity supporting diverse, creatively emergent projects in the UK and Europe. Travelling through Asia and later living and working in India for seven years shaped lifelong values, and a passion for human and cultural transformation. A social worker, counsellor and psychotherapist by training, he has lived in and been part of the creation and evolution of several intentional communities over the last forty years, focussed on the evolution of consciousness and culture, and spiritual practice.

He has an MA in South Asian Area Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, and has taught eastern philosophy and history, and human and cultural development in the US, UK, Europe and India. He sees himself as part of the movement to transform global culture at this time of climate, ecological and existential crisis, through writing, understanding the impact of colonialism in the global north and south, intercultural dialogue, and participating in civil disobedience movements.

Fear, Freedom and the Queer World of Quantum Mechanics

Journal Article

The rise of the individual has been critical since Nietzsche and indeed still is, in enabling us to move beyond a traditional world governed by religion, belief, and authoritarianism. This has given us an unprecedented degree of freedom and capacity for authenticity, bringing with it essential human rights and liberal forms of social justice. But individualism as a ‘theology’ has also hollowed out the world, depriving us of a deeper meaning for being alive, leaving us to some extent alone in a hall of subjectivist mirrors.