David Nicol

David Nicol

David T. Nicol, PhD, is co-founder and Director of the Gaiafield Project (http://gaiafield.net) and the Institute for Subtle Activism. His recent book Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation is the first comprehensive study of the idea that our focused collective intention can powerfully contribute to social change. He is also co-founder of BeThePeace, one of the world’s largest global meditation events that occurs annually on the International Day of Peace (September 21). He teaches on subtle activism in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program at the California Institute of Integral Studies and for the Shift Network. A former environmental lawyer from Australia, he now lives in N. California with his wife Kate and dogs Jackson and Peaches.

Navigating the Storm of Global Change

Journal Article

I’ve long championed the term “subtle activism” to describe the application of consciousness-based practices like meditation, prayer, and ritual for collective rather than personal transformation. The idea is to broaden the traditional focus of our therapeutic and spiritual attention beyond individual concerns to include the main global issues of our times. And it is in relation to the healing of collective trauma, specifically, that I think an approach like subtle activism has a crucial role to play.

Subtle Activism: A Way Forward through Chaotic Times


One of the characteristics of our strange new post-US election world is that things are in such flux that it […]