Editorials of Nancy Roof

Journey to Wholeness

Moving the edge together . . .

We are discovering that in our deepest essence we are travelers on a
journey to wholeness (holiness). Each step along the way is a new
revelation and a co-creation that involves changes in all dimensions of
our lives and in all fields of endeavor. In the 60s, the growing edge
embraced the world of interior individual development derived mostly
from Eastern traditions. Our goal was self mastery and self
actualization. Self awareness, meditation and yoga swept through the
West. It seemed to be the answer to our increasing fragmentation and

Focused within, many of us forgot to look at what was happening
outside. We awakened to accelerating injustices and inequalities on a
planet threatened by profligate lifestyles and modern worldviews. It was
clear that self-actualization was necessary, but not sufficient to
shape a newly globalized world in the direction of sustainability and

Conditions in the outer world and the impulse of evolution are
calling us to recognize our interdependence and the power of connection.
Barriers and borders that were once necessary to become our autonomous
and institutional selves, are now falling away. We are learning to
preserve our autonomous identity in order to contribute creatively and
cooperatively in the new groups that are emerging. These groups are
creating new forms of collaboration and distributive power necessary to
meet the complex challenges of the first planetary era in history.

Kosmos continues to identify and share with you outstanding wisdom
leaders who guide us toward the full potential of collective wisdom,
collective intelligence, and collective creativity. We look for those
who best articulate the trend from dominator hierarchical forms of
governance to natural hierarchies and distributive power. We found
inspiring Integral pioneers who are freeing the flow of energy and
information through breaking down borders between gender, media,
spirituality, multi-generations, and even between species. Global
trendsetters are pioneering participatory partnerships between
governments, business and civil society. They are finding the democratic
voice of humanity in global consultations and sovereign citizenship in
the global commons. As the articles poured in, it became increasingly
clear that we are already living the new paradigm. We are creating the
new world culture and civilization, enriched by the skills, the
companionship, the expertise and the love for each other and the planet.
‘The collective’ has become the edge.

Resonance at the collective edge . . .

Many of us are experimenting with and inquiring into enhanced
creativity available through the collective wisdom of a group united in
purpose. When we touch the ‘right chord’ and find resonance together our
lives become immeasurably richer – elegant solutions that will shape
the new civilization and culture become possible. We invite you to be
with us in spirit and in action in this inspiring and vital journey to

A pause for beauty . . .

Our gratitude and thanks to you for finding your very special way to
make a better world. Along the way, we send you beauty that uplifts the
soul from our galleries: the serenity of silent water voices, the
sensitivity of delicately scented flowers, and the majesty of soaring