Spring | Summer 2008

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two | Scott Peck

planet | Joshua Simpson

one | Water Voices from Around The World |
William E. Marks

three | Nicholas Roerich
Spring | Summer 2008
Editorial Read
Feature Articles | Awakening
Collective Mind and Heart
Connecting Our Conversations |
Becoming Wiser Together
George Pór Read
Collective Wisdom as a Field
of Study and Practice
Alan Briskin
Community and Conscious
Evolution | A Contemplation
Terri O’Fallon
Collective Bodhisattvas
Jean-François Noubel
Collaborative Creativity |
Research and Trends
Robert Kenny
Feature Articles | Connecting
Across Borders
Collaboration | Shaping Tomorrow
Juanita Brown, David Isaacs,
Samantha Tan 
Divine Duality |
Reconciliation Between Women and Men
Will Keepin, Cynthia Brix
The Rise of Public Insight
Journalism | From Priesthood to Partnership
Michael Skoler
Peer to Peer | The New
Relational Dynamic
Michel Bauwens
Feature Articles | Evolving
Toward Planetary Wholeness
Evolution Toward Global
John Stewart
An Evolutionary Vision for
Democracy | Toward the Voice of the Whole
Tom Atlee
Archetypes of Humanity’s
Collective Future
Duane Elgin
Glass Planet
art by Joshua Simpson
Participatory Partnerships for
Sustainability | An Interview
Peggy Dulany by Caroline
Making the Great Adjustment |
Coalition for the Global Commons
James B. Quilligan Read
Feature Articles | Embracing
All Life
Unconditional Love | My Dog
Annie Brody
Inspiration from Invisible
Steve Nation
Water Voices from
Around The World
William E. Marks

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Archetypes of Humanity’s Collective Future


The first step in building a promising future for humanity is to visualize it together. As the bible says, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Although many people can visualize a future of catastrophe and ruin, far fewer can imagine a future of opportunity and renewal.

Journey to Wholeness


We are discovering that in our deepest essence we are travelers on a journey to wholeness (holiness). Each step along the way is a new revelation and a co-creation that involves changes in all dimensions of our lives and in all fields of endeavor.

From Priesthood to Partnership | The Rise of Public Insight Journalism


Fifteen years ago, ­ I flew to Nairobi, Kenya as Africa correspondent for National Public Radio, a non-profit radio network in the United States. On the way, I stopped in Paris, where a Rome-based correspondent­ passed on a large bag containing a bulletproof vest and helmet. Within two days, I was in Somalia.

Connecting Our Conversations | Becoming Wiser Together


Connecting our conversations is the best way to discover that the future is already here, but that the awareness of it is not evenly distributed. Why is this important? Because, the choice is between joining together to create a wisdom society or regressing into an extinct society. The complex, intertwining local and global crises will outpace our ‘response-ability if we don't wise up individually and collectively.

Ecovillages | Design at the Edge


Ecovillages are laboratories of human relations, in which we test the power of new systemic thinking to bring about necessary changes in the local and global economic, social and ecological environments. Ecovillages provide conditions for cutting-edge sustainability experiments. In these living and learning laboratories, we quickly learn from mistakes and advances.

Making the Great Adjustment | Coalition for the Global Commons


Our current international economic system is a great advance over the bipolar politics and economic nationalism that existed prior to the Second World War. Rapid global economic integration has led to more connections among markets, people and ideas than ever before. Yet our multilateral rules and institutions have not adjusted.