Editorials of Nancy Roof

Global Synergy

To our Readers,

I recently returned from an inspiring event where I could connect to
the many faces I had only previously known online. Theory and exchanging
ideas can be illuminating, but there is nothing that can replace the
human face-to-face contact with our colleagues and friends, many of whom
we’ve met through the Internet. The body language and gestures, the
tone of voice, the empathic feelings, and the sensitivity of the human
soul are all fully there when we are present together. We can sense the
depth of the commitment, the vulnerability and fragility, and yes, the

It was so fulfilling to spend several days with a dedicated and
skilled group at the first Global Synergizer gathering. Our collective
work continues as we strive to articulate the shared vision that has
brought us together as world changers. Not too long ago, I also attended
another profound gathering put on by the Kalliopeia Foundation that
brought over 100 grantees together who are all working for a better
world. This group shared not only skills and capacities, but also a deep
sensitivity to subtle nuances—once expressed by Brother Wayne Teasdale
as ‘infinite sensitivity.’ In just another week, I will be boarding a
plane for Berlin where I will be honored to be present for three days
with remarkable people from many different countries who are founding
the movement for the global commons. The Kosmos Team and I are
integrally involved in this ‘peoples’ movement. We consider this to be
the fundamental solution for the exponentially increasing enclosure of
the natural and cultural resources that should belong to all humanity,
but are gradually being co-opted by the few.

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