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This podcast series, Preparing for Profound Change, explores the shifting global landscape and offers strategies for coping with what lies ahead. Economic turmoil, climate chaos, political upheaval – these may seem like forces to fear, but in fact offer us deep opportunities for transformation.

Episode 7 – William Ury, on Mediation and the Middle Way

William Ury is co-founder of Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, and one of the world’s leading experts on negotiation and mediation. He is co-author of Getting to Yes, the world’s bestselling book on negotiation, and more recently author of Getting to Yes with Yourself. William has served as a negotiation adviser and mediator in conflicts ranging from Kentucky wildcat coal mine strikes to ethnic wars in the Middle East, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union.

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“All the professors and everyone thought the Berlin Wall was going to be there, and the Cold War was going go on for generations, and there was Northern Ireland.. South Africa. Apartheid…and yet I watched, and participated, and visited all those places, and worked in all those places, and watched as conflicts, that we thought were seemingly impossible, gradually gave way to – not the end of the conflict – but the transformation of the conflict. That’s what’s key. Sometimes, we think it’s end of the conflict. Well, conflict is part of life, but to change the form of the conflict from a destructive form of war, violence, oppression, to a constructive form of dialogue, negotiation, democracy, nonviolent action, that’s the key.”

“[There’s] an old Tibetan prophecy from maybe 1,000 years ago. It’s called The Shamballa Prophecy, and it’s that at some point in the distant future, there will come a moment when the Earth, itself, is in danger like you’re mentioning, and at that moment in that generation, there will come into being a new breed of warriors, or I would call them healing warriors. They call them Shamballa warriors in the Tibetan prophecy, and they’re endowed with two weapons, and the first one is insight, the ability to really look inside, and that’s where self-forgiveness comes from, and the second is compassion. So, it’s those two valuable tools that are so key right now if we’re going to begin to heal ourselves, heal our communities, and heal our planet.”

“Respect comes from the Latin, which means to look again, to see the human being there, and the most common behavioral way in which we show respect is actually to listen, and we’re in a world right now, which is all about talking, and everyone’s talking, and they’re talking past each other, and we have talk shows. We need listen shows…”

“As someone who’s been very active as a mediator in negotiations in conflicts around the world, one thing I’ve noticed is that, as I mentioned earlier, we are our own worst enemies, and as the old saying goes, “When angry, you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” We’re reaction machines. So, to me, the foundation of successful negotiation, actually, starts with ourselves..”

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