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Coda | Lydia

Lydia is an Artist
Lydia has a diagnosis of Schizophrenia
Lydia is a daughter, a sister, a widow
Lydia is also a mother, my mother 

Mum received a diagnosis of schizophrenia when she was in her teens and growing up I used to think of her as “my secret”.  

After a long spell in hospital Lydia was institutionalized in 2004. I’d enter her room with “Hi Mum” and be promptly dismissed as she ranted her demand I leave.  

One day, I decided not to leave and instead sat some distance away in silence. Our time remained free of any verbal communication and visits continued this way for several months. 

During one visit in 2020 Lydia was sitting in the day room where I noticed a drawing pad and some felt tip pens on a nearby table. I pulled up a chair and sat directly opposite her, perching the pad on her lap with the top of the paper resting on my knees. I then invited her to choose one of the felt tips.  She chose pink studying the quality of how the pen felt in her hands for some minutes before removing the top and handing it to me. 

She then made a mark, then another and another – her pen flowed effortlessly it seemed and it wasn’t random mark making. It was deeply considered and thought through.  I offered her another pen but she was clear her drawing was finished. She had drawn a woman in meditation, perfectly peaceful and tranquil.

My visits to Lydia have become the highlight of my week, as I relish every moment of our time together.

Showing up with love, sincerity and curiosity has taught me how to listen deeply to what is available in Lydia. I am also fast learning that it is not so much me who is supporting Lydia but Lydia who is supporting me.

Lydia: Drawing a Connection

Lydia Assor is an artist with psychic ability and has been living with a diagnosis of schizophrenia since her teens.
One culture’s “mad” can be another culture’s wisdom –  https://www.outsiderart.co.uk/artists/lydia

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About Sally Assor

Sally Assor is a Voiceover Artist and a Quietude Practitioner (end of life soul companion).
Sally is also a member of the Heart of London Threshold Choir and Companion Voices.

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