Tor Eneroth

Tor Eneroth

Tor Eneroth lives in Sweden and is Director of Cultural Transformation at Barrett Values Centre (BVC). He believes that organisations work better when leaders are focused on building conscious, values‐driven cultures for the benefit of their people and all society. 

BVC is an international organisation currently working through a consulting network of several thousand people in more than 90 countries. The core products of the company are the Barrett Analytics, used by more than 7 000 organisations globally. Supporting leaders in building high-performance, values-driven organisations, to improve employee well-being, customer satisfaction and overall organisational success and sustainability.  

Tor’s core values are Continuous learning, Trust, Making a difference, Future generations and Compassion. He specialises in practical application of transformation of consciousness through values with leaders and within business and in society at large.

Tor has worked 15 years as Culture Manager in two international companies, SCA and Volvo. Alongside this he has also consulted many other organisations in their cultural transformation journeys in all contents of the world, especially Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia.  

Tor has written many practical books to support the network of facilitators and leaders. Available titles are “The Dynamics of Change – Reflections on the human side of leading people through organisational change” and “Get Connected – A practical guide to grow a desired team culture
and “Transforming Culture In Larger Organisations – Key learnings, experiences and case studies”. 

Over the years he has trained more than 1000 persons as Culture Ambassadors and/or internal consultants in Barrett Analytics. He is an appreciated speaker and consultant who work with leaders to make the intangible tangible and thereby produce visible transformation and results.

Tor’s career history after the University Degree in Business Administration includes working as Salesmen in the consumer market, Product- and Project Manager in the business to business market, TQM manager, Change Management Advisor and then Culture Manager. He is also one of the initiators and active advisors to the Swedish National Values Assessment since 2009.  

Tor is an active member of the V20 Founding Group with ambition to increase awareness and use of values in the world, especially among the G20 nations.

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