Tom DiDonna

Hello! I am registered nurse earning my degree from Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California and a master’s degree in nursing science with a focus on education from Walden University. I completed a doctorate degree in health sciences with a focus on global health from A.T. Still University.  I am a veteran having served as a Medical Corpsman in the United States Navy. I currently teach doctoral level courses in global health issues, global health ethics, and population health help at A.T. Still University. I also teach medical and nursing courses for the staff at Mason General Hospital in Shelton, WA. 

My research interests are related to my passion as a volunteer with Operation Smile which is international foundation providing free lifesaving surgical repairs for severe cranio-facial disorders and cleft palates for infants and children in poor countries. 

I completed a doctoral research project in India where nurses have little or no formal training in pediatric emergency airway management. The purpose of the applied research project was to offer an evidence-based Pediatric Assessment Course (PAC) for nurses who provide post-operative pediatric care to high risk infants and children receiving cleft and cranio-facial surgical repairs. The outcome of the research demonstrated a positive impact on the nurses’ knowledge of early assessment and intervention of post-operative complications. 

Currently, my global humanitarian interests are in offering the Helping Babies Breath program to reduce unnecessary deaths of neonates suffering from apnea. The program perpetuates the World Health Organization’s Millennium Goal #4 which focuses on reducing unnecessary infant and child deaths by 75%. I have taught the HBB program globally and to physicians and nurses on the Hospital Ship Comfort’s 9 country good will tour Continuing Promise. I am committed to continue my volunteer work as long as I am able to. 
My goal is to share the wonderful information the magazine offers with those I serve in resource poor regions globally. I believe the mission of Kosmos in ‘Creating the New Civilization for the Common Good’ will be an integral part of humanitarian work globally. I envision it will inspire a sense of ownership, capacity building and sustainability through the interconnectedness of the Kosmos community of readers and contributors! I believe all human life has equal value. Our mission as a human community is to contribute in some way to the betterment of our brothers and sisters globally. It is an honor and a privilege to be a Global Ambassador of Kosmos as it perpetuates collaboration, cooperation, collegiality, connectedness, compassion and community for humans everywhere! My contact information:

Why I am a Kosmos Global Ambassador


I learned about Kosmos and the spirit of Creating the New Civilization for the Common Good from another Kosmos Ambassador. I am deeply interested in the common good of humanity and all living entities on our earth.