Mary Evelyn Tucker

Mary Evelyn Tucker was a Professor of Religion at Bucknell University
until 2005 where she taught courses in Asian religions and Religion and
Ecology. From 1993 – 1996 she was a National Endowment for the
Humanities Chair at Bucknell. She is currently Research Associate at the
Harvard-Yenching Institute. With John Grim she is editor of ten volumes
from Harvard University conferences on world religions and ecology.
They are now coordinating the Harvard Forum on Religion and Ecology.

Her numerous publications include Worldly Wonder: Religions Enter
Their Ecological Phase
(Open Court Press, 2003) With Tu Weiming she
edited two volumes on Confucian Spirituality (Crossroad, 2003, 2004). A
member of the Interfaith Partnership for the Environment at the United
Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), she served as a member of the International Earth Charter Drafting Committee from 1997-2000.  With Brian Swimme, Mary Evelyn created and co-wrote the epic narrative film Journey of the Universe.

The story of Journey of the Universe and accompanying photos appear
in the Spring| Summer 2011 issue of Kosmos Journal and can be seen at

The Evolutionary Context of an Emerging Planetary Civilization


As we see our present interconnected global challenges of widespread environmental degradation, crippling poverty, social inequities, and unrestrained militarism, we know that the obstacles to the flourishing of life’s ecosystems and to genuine sustainable development are considerable.