Kavita Byrd

Kavita Byrd

Kavita Byrd works to bring together holistic consciousness and whole-systems change, with an emphasis on evolutionary spirituality and sacred activism. This includes research on ecology, the climate crisis and new economics, integrating spiritual wisdom and radical social action for global transformation. She is author of Quantum Co-Creative Revolution: We Are All in This Together and the poetry collection Love Songs of the Undivided. She lives in South India at the foot of the sacred mountain Arunachala, near the ashram of the great saint Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Turning Our Crises Around from the Inside Out

Journal Article

Classically, in a rite of passage, there is a deep descent into the darkness, the heart of the unknown, and a return home, bearing its light and its gifts, healing and transformation. Today we are being called to make this passage, each in our own way, personally and collectively.

Igniting the Life Force at our Creative Core


Re-Uniting Spirit and Matter, Bringing Spirituality into Action Called forth by the enormous challenges of our times, a powerful new […]