Jonathan Hadas Edwards

Jonathan Hadas Edwards

Jonathan Hadas Edwards, MS, MFA, LAc. is an herbalist, diviner, and ritual drummer who comes to Heartward Sanctuary with a background in religious studies, languages & literature and Asian medicine. His search for the roots of our environmental and cultural woes has led him to immersion in wisdom and healing traditions from East and South Asia and West Africa, and he combines mantic arts with plant medicine in his individual healing work. His abiding passion include traditional knowledge systems such as Chinese cosmology and West African Ifá (into which he was initiated in Ogun State, Nigeria in 2013), and the transformative power of the stories we spin. He’s also a believer in the sacredness of play, and takes to heart Suzuki Roshi’s statement: “What we’re doing here is important, we’d better not take it too seriously!”

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True Health | What if the Virus is the Medicine?

Journal Article

The emerging pandemic is already a watershed of the early 21st century: things won’t ever be the same. Yet for all that the havoc that the virus is wreaking, directly and indirectly, it may also be part of the bitter medicine the global body needs.