Julia Hartsell

Julia Hartsell

Julia Hartsell is a dancer, catalyst for soulful, earth-honoring community and founder of The Flowjo, a sanctuary for embodied practice in Carrboro, NC. With a background in performance art and world religions, Julia has spent her adult life seeking the mystical through movement. Trusting the body’s inherent wisdom and sacredness, she utilizes these diverse practices to help access the body’s intuition for emotional expression and transformation. This spiraling path has spun her around the world, into non-ordinary states of consciousness and deeper into her devotional dance as a healing practice. With an animist worldview, her work is focused on reclaiming relational ways of living and ancient forms of medicine in service of personal and ancestral healing. Julia is a Dance Facilitator, Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner, Death Doula and Home Funeral Guide and is committed to reclaiming the beauty, sacredness and meaning in times of death. She has developed Community Grief Ceremonies, Ritual Dances and Ancestral Dance practices for reconnection with elemental forces and ancestral allies. With love of the earth’s waters, Julia is an Initiate of Osun and Obatala in the Ifá/Òrìsà tradition of Yoruba West Africa.

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True Health | What if the Virus is the Medicine?

Journal Article

The emerging pandemic is already a watershed of the early 21st century: things won’t ever be the same. Yet for all that the havoc that the virus is wreaking, directly and indirectly, it may also be part of the bitter medicine the global body needs.