J. Kim Wright

J.  Kim Wright is a pioneer, leader and change agent in the area of integrative law. 
Kim has been a lawyer since 1989.  Early in her career, she began to explore the transformational models of law practice.  Her holistic and healing approach allowed her to facilitate some of life’s most intimate moments, creating and dissolving important relationships, like marriages and small businesses.  As a lawyer, she not only tried cases, she also held many hands, listened to a lot of hope and heartbreak.  She facilitated difficult completion conversations and celebrated new beginnings.  As a restorative justice facilitator, she listened to families of murder victims as they prepared to meet the one who killed their loved one and she encouraged those who had killed those loved ones and were getting ready to say their apologies.  She is often in awe of the courage of human beings who speak authentically and responsibly and is inspired by what is possible when people integrate their inner and outer work.  

These days, Kim’s legal work is focused on Conscious Contracts.  She helps conscious businesses align their legal documents with their expressed mission, vision and values, creating sustainable relationships with their own built-in conflict resolution systems. 

As a leader in the integrative law movement, Kim’s time is focused less on her law practice and more on the policy and movement building:  strategy, networking, advocating, speaking, training and being a spokesperson for a new paradigm of law. In 2007, Kim saw that the movement was in a critical place and that she could make a difference by strengthening the network and encouraging the innovators and early adopters. She gave up her house and office and has been traveling full-time as a location independent nomad for more than five years.  In recognition of her work, The American Bar Association (ABA) named  Kim as a “Legal Rebel, finding new ways to practice law, represent their clients, adjudicate cases and train the next generation of lawyers,” in 2009. 

Kim is the author of a flagship ABA best-selling book, Lawyers as Peacemakers, Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law [ABA Publishing, April, 2010]. She leads continuing education programs based upon the book and her broader work. She is a consultant to courts, law firms, CLE providers, legal organizations, law schools, workshop leaders, authors and the media, including several documentary filmmakers. She coaches and consults with a network of lawyers on every inhabited continent.  She is a central hub and referral source for clients seeking conscious lawyers. 

Kim’s Cutting Edge Law website is a resource center and community with hundreds of videos, news feeds, articles, and blogs. It is undergoing a major reorganization and update, reflecting the growth of integrative law from a loose network of lawyers to a bustling community of practice, building influence and recognition, a shift that many people attribute to Kim’s work.  

Never content to sit still, Kim is currently developing the plan for her own entrepreneurial venture, a conscious business that will launch in 2014. 

Kim Wright is a graduate of Warren Wilson College (International Studies, Economics/Business) and has a Juris Doctor from the University of Florida, Levin College of Law.  She maintains an active law license in North Carolina and consults around the world.  She is intrigued by consciousness, societal transformation and interconnectedness. She has studied appreciative inquiry for more than 10 years.  She is a senior graduate of Landmark Education programs. She is also informed by spiral dynamics and integral theory, Powerful NonDefensive Communication (PNDC), NonViolent Communication (NVC) and many peacemaking and organizational development models. 

Kim has raised a passel of children, all grown.  At age 55, she is living a life many people say they dream about. Her life and work are a laboratory for experiments in creating a world that works for all. 

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Transforming A Dysfunctional Legal System


I started law school in 1987. I was 29 years old and married with a blended family of seven kids at home. We were politically and socially active, making a difference in our community. My husband was sometimes arrested for civil disobedience and it seemed that there was always a family law issue.