Gary Horvitz

Gary Horvitz
Gary is a former medical professional and nomad, now a retired writer and activist in Durham, NC. In addition to dancing and grieving at the ever-whirling edge of creation and destruction Gary is the author of the forthcoming Just Passing Through: Reflections on Nonduality, Impermanence and Mortality, currently serialized on Substack and is also a co-facilitator of One Year to Live.
Rilke helps:
What batters you becomes your strength.
Move back and forth into the change.
What is it like, such intensity of pain?
If the drink is bitter, turn yourself to wine.


The Penetrating Wind

Journal Article

“To be released into the visceral certainty of being connected to everything is to become receptive to the influences of everything upon me. That my actions reach far beyond a parochial view is confirmed. I am reminded that the boundaries of those actions are virtually non-existent, that everything is always in intra-active motion. I cannot assume as much choice about how my life unfolds as I might imagine or prefer, nor can I ignore the probability of influence from far beyond my limited view.”

Living Radical Impermanence

Journal Article

The pace of change at the emerging edge of climate response, culture, politics and technology is so fast now it’s like we’re trying to build a raft as we hurtle down the rapids.