Dr Gianni Zappalà

Dr Gianni Zappalà

Gianni is an educator, facilitator and social impact expert with over three decades experience in the University, commercial, Government and For Purpose sectors. He is a Professional Fellow at the Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion at the University of Technology Sydney and Principal of Orfeus SQ, a niche advisory service that applies Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) based frameworks to program design, evaluation, workshop facilitation and training. As a Certified Practitioner of the Map of Meaning, he pioneered Meaningful Evaluation, a holistic and systemic approach to understanding and assessing outcomes, a mode of social impact assessment consistent with participatory rather than mechanistic worldviews.

He has degrees in Economics and Politics from the universities of Sydney, London and Cambridge, and taught and published on a wide range of social and economic policy issues including Corporate Responsibility, Spirituality and Business, Social Impact assessment and Education. He has held teaching, research and policy positions at the Universities of Sydney, Cambridge, Wollongong, the Australian National University, the University of NSW and Parliament House Canberra.

Cultivating Spiritual Intelligence

Journal Article

The shift is away from the previously dominant materialist view towards an ensouled cosmos informed by a new spiritual and archetypal consciousness consistent with the insights from quantum and complexity science.