Editorials of Nancy Roof

The Great Coming Together

I was already working on the final draft of Kosmos  when a last
minute book review came in, so compelling that I literally stopped
production. Without hesitation or thought, I downloaded and
read Joseph Jaworski’s new book, Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge
,  from cover to cover, and somehow managed to find
space to publish an excerpt in this issue.  What I did and how I
did it turned out to be the subject of the book.

This perfectly timed excerpt completes our new featured article
series on Transformative Leadership or Leadership IV (beyond
Leadership III, Servant Leadership), which is based on developing
new inner capacities and outer competencies. Systemic transformation
requires the inner capacity to source our deepest wisdom
to release the emerging values and forms for a new planetary culture
and civilization. Monica Sharma begins a groundbreaking
new series of articles in Kosmos that open up new paths to results-oriented
leadership on a macro level, such as the banning of landmines
in Israel and Muslim clerics promoting help to AIDS
victims in the Middle East. For the first time, Ria Baeck and Helen
Titchen Beeth share their emerging work in developing a new
human capacity, Collective Presencing. They share details of a
process they have been developing in sourcing collective wisdom
in a small group setting, now available to our readers.

To read this article in it’s entirety, please see the Spring | Summer 2012 issue of Kosmos Journal, or download the PDF here.