Individual Transformation

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Mind Matters Most


An exploration of mind: how our thoughts create our reality and how we can use this time to gain awareness of their negative tendencies and come out of self-generated suffering.

Joy and Value of Connection to Place and Community


I wonder how we got so accustomed, as human beings, to being separated from the earth. How we can live surrounded by concrete, work in buildings with pumped in air, and practice habits of buying food wrapped in plastic from the grocery store, with little thought to how our lifestyles affect the living earth, which provides for us all of life.

Wrestling with Wealth and Class


Torn between worlds. Longing to belong. Always struggling to navigate all the things I inherited: the money, the karma, the love, the possibility, the heart, the values, the society, my place in it, all of it.  

In the Hands of Alchemy


"I needed to know if there was a God and I risked my life to find that out. I know now that we risk far more when we attempt to create a life devoid of a personal relationship with our God."

Art in a Time of Catastrophe


At such a time, are the arts irrelevant, a luxury? To the contrary, they have an essential place both in grieving for what is lost and in imagining new human possibilities.

The Unexpected Journey of Caring


Personal transformation is usually an experience we actively seek out—not one that hunts us down. In the twenty-first century, becoming a caregiver is a transformation that comes at us, requiring us to rethink everything we once knew. When a loved one becomes a caregiver, everything changes...

Three Poems


As a spirit traveling through matter on a journey towards an unknown event horizon, poetry has been a record and exploration of the inner experience, thoughts, and feelings of this human voyage in a world that is beautiful, mysterious, radiant, and at times terrifying.

Global Social Witnessing


You swipe through your favourite news site while sitting in a train, and you enter the typical bombardment of information. Can you feel the contraction of your chest, the narrowing down of your attention, the closing of your heart?

Healing the Wounded Mind


To have inner strength requires that we carry vision within us. Also, that we learn, or at least accept responsibility for, transmitting that vision.

A Cry for Help


I like to consider myself a helper, but when our son, Jon, took his life on Easter weekend of 2019, I could no longer think of myself as a successful helper. In my own eyes, I instantly became a failed one.