Individual Transformation

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The Problem with “More”


Our globalized world lures us to crave more. The culture of “more” is a culture of not enough, accumulation and conquest, and sought but constantly deferred satiety. Every time we text message or update Instagram, researchers tell us that our brains loop in a dopamine cycle of neurological yearning.

Unlearning Together


...We’ve entered the era that the Hopis predicted in their prophecies of the “great purification,” the unstoppable entropy of not only our external political, economic and ecological systems, but above all the unexamined assumptions underlying those systems.



...The car is now standing still. I smell the disaster before I see it. A smell of fuel and burnt steel. Where are the kids? Not in the car. I look for them on the highway. I find their bodies. I take care of them until ambulances arrive. While running from one child to another, I discover strength in me.

Presence at the Edge of Our Practice


Humanity is in a time of transition, one that we can navigate successfully only with a shift in consciousness. How can we wake up from the collective neuroses that have driven our civilization into decadence and decline?

Diary of a Watts Princess: A Memoir of Hopes and Dreams


I love my father so much that if someone asked me “how much?” I couldn’t explain it. I feel about […]

Theatre of Transformation


Time for a Paradigm Change We aren’t here just to make a little noise. We’re here to change the paradigm. […]

Imago Integralis: The Aesthetics of Integral Life


I. Longing for the Integral Life This article introduces a new integral perspective on life and provides clues of what […]

Fully Alive Through Connection


I used to think the feeling of being fully alive only came in exceptional moments: A near-death experience, a triumphant […]

The Phenomenology of the Self: Revealing the Universal Life Force at the Heart of Human Experience


There are times when we feel most fully alive, and we yearn to live like that all the time. There […]