Kosmos Summit Preview | Day Three
April 6, 2019 Kosmos Community News

The Community Awaiting Us

By Joanna Macy
In Kosmos Quarterly

“To help us meet the challenge of climate chaos—the biggest challenge humans have ever faced—we have the science now, the telecommunications, and vast amounts of information. What we need more than anything is our natural strength and legacy of being in community. We are meant for community, we’re enlivened by community, we are nurtured by community.”

Excerpt from ‘Climate, A New Story’ | and Interview with Charles Eisenstein

by Charles Eisenstein
in Kosmos Quarterly

“As to what kind of spirituality is needed now, it is to take seriously the experiences and perceptions that we have relegated to the “spiritual” realm and to reincorporate them into the material. It is to embrace non-quantitative ways of knowing. It is to move past the old mechanistic view that saw human beings as the only full subjects in the world. It is to explore the universal indigenous perception that the world, and everything in it, bears consciousness, beingness, and some form of intelligence and purpose. Then we no longer need to impose our own intelligence on the world, but we seek instead to listen for and participate in something greater.”