William E. Marks

William E. Marks, water philosopher – raised on an organic farm.

As a student at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) – researched
fish kills and industrial pollution and had major industry indicted by a
Federal Grand Jury. He was subsequently honored by the United States
Environmental Protection Agency with the “Citizen Activist Of The Year”
award. After college he worked as Senior Environmental Analyst for the
City of Newark to develop programs for storm water runoff and public
water supply.

After Newark he undertook a coast-to-coast horseback odyssey across
America entitled, “Ride for Nature” – to help raise water consciousness.
The 20-month trek used a lead horse and packhorse; passed through 25
states, and traversed over 7,000 miles while living outside full time.
Founder/President (14 years) of Martha’s Vineyard’s first
State-Certified water testing laboratory, and Founder/President (15
years) of Vineyard Environmental Research, Inst. (VERI), where he
researched acid rain and groundwater mobilization of metals with grants
from USEPA; American Water Works Association (AWWA); New England Water
Works Association (NEWWA), and performed sea level research with
scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.
Served as Chair of the Greenlands Committee, which saved 400 acres from
dense development over Martha’s Vineyard’s only aquifer. He authored of
the town of West Tisbury’s first Open Space Plan and the Open Space Plan
for the town of Edgartown, for protection of fragile ecosystems,
wetlands, vistas, and endangered species; in the early 1980s he
undertook a study of all of the island’s underground fuel tanks and
authored by-laws.
Mr. Marks is the only official from Martha’s Vineyard elected to the
Board of the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions
(MACC), for the protection of wetlands in over 300 communities
statewide. He received the community “Groundwater Guardian Award” from
the international Groundwater Foundation, which was presented by Gilbert
M. Grosvenor, Chairman of the Board of National Geographic Society; is
recipient of the “Water Hero Award” from the World Water Rescue
Foundation, and is an international water advisor to the Board of the
Women International Coalition Organization (WICO) based in the UK. 

Mr. Marks founded and published Martha’s Vineyard Magazine and Nantucket Magazine for 6 years. Both magazines had an environmental emphasis. He is author of the History of Wind Power on Martha’s Vineyard, and The Holy Order of Water, Healing Earth’s Waters and Ourselves,
a philosophical, spiritual, healing book – and writes water articles
and poetry for various publications, including 5 articles for The Encyclopedia of Water published by John Wiley & Sons. Editor/Publisher of Water Voices from Around The World, a book that won the Independent Publishers Gold Award as the book, “Most Likely to Save the Planet.” 
He continues to conduct water research, travel, perform Native American
flute, and speak around the world. He has researched water in 15
countries and is currently involved with 3 documentaries for television,
DVD, and theatrical release in 2008.

William E. Marks
Water Voices from Around The World

“Most Likely to Save the Planet”

5 Pleasant Ave.

Martha’s Vineyard, MA 02539