Tatiana Glad

Tatiana Glad is a social entrepreneur,
sustainability practitioner and change strategist. She works across
sectors and cultures to develop life-affirming and resilient leadership
for whole systems innovation. She is passionate about systemic change,
sustainability, water, enabling start-up initiatives/enterprises,
creating synergies, good questions and meaningful conversations. 

Tatiana is a partner of Engage! InterAct (www.engagency.nl), co-founder of Waterlution (www.waterlution.org),
and initiator of The Hub in The Netherlands. Tatiana holds a MSc in
Responsibility & Business Practice and a dual degree in
International Business & Entrepreneurship, and is a fellow of the
Art of Hosting (www.artofhosting.org), an Associate of both Pioneers of Change (www.pioneersofchange.net)
and the Association of Sustainability Practitioners. Her background is
diverse and multi-sectored: spanning work in a global financial
institution, a family-run manufacturer, a national NGO and as a
freelance corporate social responsibility consultant. Tatiana is
Canadian and currently based in Amsterdam. 

As a skilled and enthusiastic designer and facilitator of learning
processes, she works with participatory practices such as Circle, World
Café, Open Space Technology, and Appreciative Inquiry. Her interest is
in social technologies to enable transitions to new futures, drawing on
Integral thinking, the U-process, Chaordic design and The Art of
Hosting. She is certified as a FlowGame host, in cross-functional
process improvement (CFPI and PDCA) and in CSR reporting assurance.
Fusing process and content, Tatiana’s work includes hosting change agent
communities in companies, designing programmes for collaborative
leadership for social change, facilitating multi-stakeholder
interventions and designing learning journeys on social-environmental

Tatiana is currently collaborating with The Hub (www.the-hub.net)
to support launching inspirational habitats in major world cities for
social innovators to work, meet, learn, connect and realise progressive
ideas – for a radically better world. With a community of
co-entrepreneurs, Tatiana is establishing The Hub in Amsterdam, and is
active in evolving new thinking – and practice – in innovative business
and governance structures for pioneering people.    

The Hub | Creating an Ecology of Social Innovation


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