Sylvan Dieckmann

Sylvan Dieckmann

Sylvan Dieckmann is a computer scientist, visual effects artist and professional photographer who lives in London, United Kingdom. In the field of visual effects, he has worked on a number of films including the Oscar-winning Gravity, The Hobbit, World War Z, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, X-Men and many others. However, nature photography is his first and main love, and following exhibits in London and Australia, he has garnered a solid reputation for visual impact and inspiring images.

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By Sylvan Dieckmann
Kosmos Journal, Spring | Summer 2014

“My inspiration is in the myriad of forms I see in nature, the unending morphologies, solutions to encountered problems over billions of years. She is the ultimate engineer and I am ceaselessly amazed at her brilliance. I only hope I do her justice.”