Stephanie Mines

Stephanie Mines

Dr. Stephanie Mines is a neuropsychologist whose unique understanding comes from extensive research as well as decades of fieldwork. Her stories of personal transformation have led many listeners to become deeply committed to the healing journey. Dr. Mines understands shock from every conceivable perspective. She has investigated it as a survivor, a professional, a healthcare provider, and as a trainer of staffs of institutions and agencies. She is devoted to the living experience of healing trauma in community that she believes is essential for us to thrive in a climate changing world.

Stephanie’s blend of Western and Eastern modalities offers the best of both worlds. Her synthesis, the TARA Approach for the Resolution of Shock and Trauma, is taught internationally and is a clinically tested comprehensive and holistic design. Stephanie has also developed Sustainable Health for a Climate Changing World and under that rubric she is assembling a Cultural Library of Sustainable Health Resources. This project intends to empower grassroots communities with the resources they need to meet the health consequences of climate change.  

Dr. Mines is the vision-holder and convener of CLIMATE CHANGE & CONSCIOUSNESS: Our Legacy for the Earth. This is both an international, intergenerational and multidisciplinary conference and an ongoing structure of networks and resources to cultivate the resilience necessary for the continuity of human civilization. The acceleration of climate change threatens everyone and everything on this Earth. It is civilization’s greatest shock. For more information on CLIMATE CHANGE & CONSCIOUSNESS go to Stephanie is building a network of Life Streaming Hubs so that everyone can participate in Climate Change & Consciousness from wherever they are.

Dr. Mines is a prolific author. Her books represent a compilation of the diverse aspects of her mission to nourish regenerative communities. These include: We Are All in ShockNew Frontiers in Sensory Integration and  They Were Families: How War Comes Home. Visit for these and other books by Stephanie Mines.

Dancing with Gaia


It may be difficult for organizers and strategists, planners, activists and environmentalists to comprehend how an event as broad in scale and as detailed as the upcoming gathering, ‘Climate Change & Consciousness: Our Legacy for the Earth’, was delivered completely through spiritual guidance. But it was.

Consciousness and the Combustion Engine


Getting to zero emissions by 2050 as the IPCC Report demands requires a collective detox from our addiction to oil. We are in the midst of a global overdose. We need to enter a universal treatment center with consciousness as the lead therapist. We have to come clean.