Robert Cobbold

Robert Cobbold

Robert Cobbold is a philosopher, educator, and public speaker who has delivered transformative educational experiences to over 40,000 young people worldwide. He is founding editor of Conscious Evolution, an online publication and podcast aiming to disseminate the evolutionary worldview, and kindle an evolutionary transition.   

The Age of Freedom


I’m talking about some of our most deeply held and cherished ideals: the individual self, left vs right, religion vs humanism, free-market capitalism vs socialism, even democracy in its current form, all these have become false idols and dinosaurs, and the more closely we cling to them the harder it becomes to create space for a new civilisation to emerge.

An Evolutionary Transition Is Coming—Are You Ready?


If, as a species, we can successfully make the transition to Conscious Evolution, not only will we dramatically increase our chances of survival, but we will be stepping into a story which can provide meaning and purpose for humanity’s existence.