Rinaldo Brutoco

A leading international executive, writer and keynote speaker,
Rinaldo Brutoco is widely recognized as a practical visionary, change
agent and futurist. He is Co-founder and President of the World Business
Academy, a collaborative network, publishing pre-eminent new paradigm
business literature.

He has served on numerous non-profit boards including The Gorbachev
Foundation, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, State of the World
Forum, and the Center for Earth Concerns. A prolific writer he is the
author of a college textbook on nuclear energy, Profiles in Power and a
contributor to New Paradigms in Business. An expert in emerging
technologies, Rinaldo was co-founder of the nation’s first pay cable
television operation, CEO Of Universal Subscription Television and CEO
of the Red Rose Collection, the sole distributor of Mother Theresa’s
personally endorsed biographical motion picture.

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What started out as an interview with Rinaldo Brutoco by Nancy Roof turned into a full-scale article. Rinaldo was so […]