Reader Essay

Since 2005, Kosmos’s readers have graciously answered requests for articles on various themes. You can see the author’s name in the article.

The Unfolding Rhythm of Life


You are the universe in ecstatic motion. ~Rumi Is life as we know it just an amazing accident or is […]

Samaru: Living the Spirit of the Amazon


On my first night in the forest, I couldn’t sleep. I lay flat on my back, tired yet wide awake, […]

Our Intuitive Capacity for Deep Collaboration


Twenty-four of us are crammed into the kitchen, trying not to tread on each others’ toes. We have a box […]

The Rise of the Commons


We, the people of the world, own most of this planet in common. Our future depends on learning to use and develop this commons for the good of the total, and not just for the few. Here in the Far North we built a new state based on that concept. It’s the only place like it. The Alaskan people, through our state government, won ownership of much of our land and our natural resources. Using neither classic capitalism nor socialism, we have developed a new way to prosperity, based on common ownership and rooted in constitutional democracy.

Yes: We: Can:


YES: There is power in the word ‘yes’. ‘Yes’ affirms our commitment. ‘Yes’ focuses us, strengthens us, enables us to move mountains. Ambivalence, hesitation, fear and apathy, by contrast, foster the status quo.

Living at the Intersection of Travel and Citizen Diplomacy


When my wife and I decided to take a mid-career break and travel around the world, we immediately recognized our role as citizen diplomats—for the United States and the West. After launching a website and connecting with a growing international community, we sensed a gap.