Peter Adair

Peter Adair

Peter Adair studied physics and philosophy at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, before entering into a ten year practice of Zen Buddhism at monasteries in Japan and the U.S.  He has worked for Greenpeace, produced Evolutionary Calendars, and was principal librettist for the Emergent Universe Oratorio by Sam Guarnaccia.  Peter’s continuing inspiration is the beauty and mystery of our astonishing planet.

He is author of two books, ’Sacred Earth’ and ’Sacred Universe’ (information at, and with his wife of thirty-five years, Caitlin, creates a magical abode and gardens in southern Vermont.

The Wonder of It All

Journal Article

Let us consider Earth and the community of planets as seeds broadcast into a field – in this case, a solar field. Just as plant seeds can find themselves in locations that are too dry or too hot or too cold for sprouting, so most of the planets in the solar field landed in conditions unfavorable for growth. Only Earth was in a promising situation for germination.