Patricia M. Mische

Patricia M. Mische, Ph.D. is the Lloyd Professor of Peace Studies and
World Law at Antioch College and formerly taught in the Peace Education
Program at Teachers College Columbia University. She is also the
co-founder and President of Global Education Associates, a network of
people in 90 countries working to advance global systems that will
assure greater peace, social justice, economic-well-being, ecological
integrity, and democratic participation. She has collaborated with
UNESCO’s program on the Contribution of Religions to a Culture of Peace,
and with UNICEF on its Education for All program in East Africa. Dr.
Mische’s numerous publications include: Toward a Global Civilization?
The Contribution of Religions. She has received numerous awards and
grants honoring her contributions to peace and global education,
including from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

After 9/11 – Paths to Peace


The shocks of 9/11 still reverberate within and around us. Who cannot feel them? I lived in New York for many years and love this city for its rich diversity of peoples, its energy, creativity, and fly-in-the face honesty. My youngest daughter was born near ground zero. As a college student she spent 6 months in Jerusalem, listening to Jews, Muslims and Christians on all sides of the Middle East conflict and exploring nonviolent solutions.