Laraine M. Mai

Laraine M. Mai is President of ICIS. She has over thirty-eight years of
nonprofit leadership and management experience as a founder, executive,
and consultant in the fields of education, youth services, international
issues, and interfaith cooperation. In 2002 she launched RiverTides, an
ICIS leadership education and consulting services program. Previously,
she served as Vice-President of ICIS for Programs and Planning; was
co-founder of The Door – A Center of Alternatives, a model multiservice
center for adolescents; designed and established an experimental high
school; and conducted research and demonstration projects addressing
learning and adolescents. She also served as the first Executive
Director of the Interfaith Center of New York Civic involvement
includes: Member of the Board of the Mid-Hudson Valley World Affairs
Council, the National Advisory Council of the NewYork Open Center, the
International Advisory Council of CANHELP, Svenshogen, Sweden, and the
Founders’ Council of The Interfaith Center of New York.

Salons and the Practice of Conversation


The critical challenges we face today are increasingly understood as interrelated and as global, spiritual and material in nature. Climate change and related human activities, including development and human migrations, have created a planetary crisis that no nation or region can solve on its own. We are an Earth community.