Kurt Johnson and David Robert Ord

Kurt Johnson (left), a scientist, comparative religionist, social activist and former monastic, was associated with the American Museum of Natural History and the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. He was a close associate of Brother Wayne Teasdale, the founder of the modern ‘interspiritual movement,’ and works also with the international Contemplative Alliance with Father Thomas Keating. His co-authored book Nabokov’s Blues: The Scientific Odyssey of a Literary Genius was chosen as one of the ‘ten best’ books in science in 2000.  Johnson and Teasdale cofounded the international Interspiritual Dialogue association in 2002, now the virtual Interspiritual Multiplex web resource. http://www.isdna.org

David Robert Ord (right), Editorial Director, Namaste Publishing, is a former Presbyterian (USA) minister and Graduate of San Francisco Theological Seminary. Coauthor with Dr Robert B. Coote of The Bible’s First History—From Eden to the Court of David with the Yahwist; In the Beginning—Creation, Priestly History; Is the Bible True? Understanding the Bible Today, and the Namaste Publishing book Your Forgotten Self: Mirrored in Jesus the Christ. http://www.namastepublishing.com