Kevin Hansen

Kevin Hansen works at the Integration of media, science, the
environment and human development, summarized by the tagline: The Most
Good for the Most Life. He is an environmentalist, businessman,
filmmaker, public speaker and inventor. His knowledge of the environment
comes in part from personal experience. As a child, Kevin lived in
Santa Barbara, California during the aftereffects of the major oil
spills and wildfires of the 1960s, and near the Lake Erie fish kills and
incendiary Cuyahoga River of Cleveland in the 1970s. He was a
participant in the first Earth Day in 1970 at age ten (he still has the
cloth poster he made for that first Earth Day!). He won back-to-back
National Science Foundation scholarships for environmental research in
Alaska at ages 18 and 19. He graduated with Cum Laude honors (ranked
first in his major) with BS and MS degrees emphasizing environmental
geophysics and hydrogeology.

Professionally, for the past 27 years Kevin
has worked as a Director/owner or senior manager on environmental and
resource development projects throughout the US and internationally, and
is now also a filmmaker, Green Designer and Web media consultant.