Jordan MacLeod

Jordan MacLeod is the author of New Currency: How Money Changes the World as We Know It (2009).
Since its publication, New Currency has garnered critical acclaim and
MacLeod has been dubbed a “visionary thinker” and “one of the promising
pioneers of a new planetary civilization” for his work on the impact of
consciousness on money and economic systems. He is also a leading
proponent for implementing a circulation charge in the redesign of the
global financial system. 

MacLeod is a partner in the holistic consultancy, Cornerstone Global
Associates. Based in Dubai and London, the company is composed of a
global network of professionals with expertise in engineering,
sustainability, investment, strategy, communications, culture building
and values monitoring.

Since 2005, Mr. MacLeod has been a member of the Club of Rome’s tt30,
a global think tank of young leaders and professionals dedicated to
fostering holistic values and responses to global challenges. He is also
founder of the New Currency Institute. The Institute is dedicated to
raising awareness of money’s power to change the world and support the
emergence of a resilient and creative global society. Mr. MacLeod lives
in Canada with his wife and daughter.

Beyond Bailouts | How a Circulation Charge Can Help Save and Transform Global Finance


The global financial crisis has created tremendous uncertainty about the future prospects of human society. Very few people saw it coming and even fewer, if any, can say with much degree of certainty what will happen next. National governments are currently injecting trillions of dollars into their financial systems and the broader economy simply to cushion the fall of equity prices, home values and employment rates.