John Defterios

John Defterios is Group Vice President of Fact Based Communications, a
European based producer and distributor of international television
programs in 100 countries. The flagship program “World Business”
recently won the Grand Pix Award in Europe. CNBC is now airing his “The
Players” a thirteen part series profiling leading chief executives from
Europe, United States, and Asia. With more than 20 years in business
television he is an award winning anchor, correspondent and special
series producer most notably with CNN Financial News in London and New
York and Nightly Business Report on PBS Television, the highest rated
business program in the United States. He has covered some of the
landmark events of the past dozen years including: The Fall of the
Berlin Wall, the World Trade Center bombing, the Final GATT Treaty, the
1997 Asian Economic Crisis, Korean Elections, Gulf War and the Los
Angeles Riots.