Hiroo Saionji

Hiroo Saionji is the president of the Goi Peace Foundation and the World Peace Prayer Society. Together with his wife, Masami Saionji, he travels around the world promoting dialogues on peace and leading World Peace Prayer Ceremonies at the United Nations and at other international organizations.

Mr. Masahisa Goi, who initiated this movement, believed that progressively making human thoughts more hopeful and peaceful is the key to building world peace, and that if the number of peace-loving people who pray for peace increases throughout the world, it will pave the way to world peace. “May Peace Prevail on Earth” expresses the greatest wish of humanity to foster harmony between humanity and everything around it. This prayer is one of the brightest and most positive thoughts and energy that a human being can radiate. It can be practiced at any time, anywhere, and by anyone, irrespective of religion or ideology.

Hiroo Saionji is an Ambassador to the World Wisdom Council and active in its activities. He was a principal founder of The New Civilization initiative with thirteen partner organizations, including Kosmos Journal, in November 2005.