Faranak Mirjalili

Faranak Mirjalili

Faranak Mirjalili is a Jungian Analyst in The Netherlands. Her current work and research revolve around connecting individual psychology to collective mythology and how active participation in myth within a group context can help both the individual as well as the collective psyche transform. She is passionate about the post-Jungian thought of freeing the psyche from the traditional therapy room and giving it back to the World Soul.

She is the founder of the Anima Mundi School where she works with a small collective of women from various fields that bring together depth-psychology, anthropology, the mythic imagination, and the creative arts.

Dismantling the Patriarchy Within

Journal Article

Jung called the masculine principle within a woman, the animus; for a woman to really encounter her animus and to really work and transform him she first needs to walk through the valley of her own shadow.