Dinesh Chandra

Dinesh Chandra is founder of Globalcitizenship Inc. He was born in India
and moved to US in his twenties and worked in US for another twenty
years prior to his work in 15 different countries. As Director of
Productivity for Beckman-Coulter Corporation he was instrumental in
implementing Total Quality and in creation of a Knowledge Sharing
culture using the Learning Communities. In addition to advising on
strategic business issues, he actively supports peace initiatives as a
co-founder of the Foundation for Human and Economic Development.

He is
currently facilitating Indo-Pak people to people dialogue for peace and
prosperity between the two nations with nuclear capabilities. He is a
contributing author to Learning Organizations: Developing Cultures for
Tomorrow’s Workplace and Community Building: Renewing Spirit and
Learning in Business. He has co edited a book, along with Verna Allee, titled What is True Wealth and How Do We Create It?