David K. Scott

David K. Scott was Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts at
Amherst From 1993-2001. As a Professor of Physics and Adjunct Professor
of Education, he has worked on many boards in higher education, in
scientific research and in community organizations. As a Nuclear
Scientist his research interests were in the Collisions of Heavy Nuclei
and, as an Educator, in the Evolution of Universities. His most recent
papers deal with Integrative Universities for the 21st Century, as a
means of overcoming fragmentation in many dimensions of our
institutions, and with the study of Spirituality in Higher Education.

Papers relating to these topics may be found on his website at www.umass.edu/pastchancellors/scott.
Among his numerous articles are: Creating Integrative Universities for
the Twenty-First Century, Making Space for Spirit in the Department,
Filling the Moat Around the Ivory Tower, and Knowledge into Wisdom:
Unveiling Inherent Values and Beliefs to Construct a Wise University.

Spirituality in Higher Education


In spite of all the difficulties and dangers in the world today, and perhaps in response to them, a movement is underway towards transformation in nations and institutions. This movement will lead to an enhanced capacity for integrating different perspectives and ideas, in contrast to the extreme fragmentation and competition currently dominating much of our thinking.