Christopher Cooke

“Over the next 20 years we [5deep] will contribute to the raised
awareness and application of a natural systems based, integrating
approach that will enhance ‘well-being’. This will demand a whole life
perspective. Success will be measured in part by having a viable planet –
viable in that we fully and consciously engage the reason for life on
this planet – why? Because there is only ‘1’.”
– Christopher Cooke 2004 – Co-Creator of ‘Be the Change’ Event in London.

An international senior manager, consultant, coach, confidante,
counselor, trainer and qualified engineer, with over 20 years,
experience in pioneering and supporting personal and organizational
change, Christopher’s curiosity about what is truly possible for individuals,
teams, organizations, communities and countries provides him with a
passionate capacity to engage the core issues using elegantly simple
‘Dynamic Integral’ approaches that are aligned with the continued
emergence of all life.

With a progressive specialism in ‘Integral Practice’ (a combination
of Spiral Dynamics Integral and Integral Theory & Practice) and his
penchant for informed action, Christopher is highly appreciated by
clients across a wide range of Public, Private, Profit and Voluntary
Sectors. He has become widely recognized for his interest and ability to
support innovation in thought, effective decision making, and the
development of practical approaches to complex large-scale
organizational and societal change. He believes that he is in the
business of discovering how to co-create ‘learning habitats’ in which
individuals, organisations, communities, and nations can make better
quality decisions.

Christopher is an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Institute for
Religion and Health – Texas Medical Center – Houston; a member of
visiting Faculty at The Graduate Institute /What Is Enlightenment? (a
collaborative Master of Arts in Conscious Evolution); on the Advisory
Board of Kosmos Magazine.

He holds a Masters Degree in Managing Change awarded through
Sheffield Hallam Business School and The Centre for the Study of Change;
an HND in Mechanical and Production Engineering, and a BA in
Environmental Monitoring and Control through the Open University.
Christopher is a Member of the Institute of Water Officers, an Associate
of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management,
Member of Institute of Directors, and a Member of the International NLP
Trainers Association.