Adam Parsons

Adam Parsons is the editor at Share The World’s Resources, (STWR) a London-based NGO campaigning for essential resources – such as land, energy, water and the atmosphere – to be shared internationally and sustainably in order to secure basic human needs.   A journalist and writer on development issues, he specializes in food security and human settlements research. 

He is the author of Megaslumming: A Journey Through Sub-Saharan Africa and The Seven Myths of Slums: Challenging Popular Prejudices About the World’s Urban Poor

Sharing the World’s Resources


As the 21st Century unfolds, humanity is faced with a stark reality. Following the world stock market crash in 2008, people everywhere are questioning the unbridled greed, selfishness and competition that has driven the dominant economic model for decades. The old obsession with protecting national interests, the drive to maximise profits at all costs, and the materialistic pursuit of economic growth has failed to benefit the world’s poor and led to catastrophic consequences for Planet Earth.